Outside In

Here’s an idea.

I’d like to have a wireless or blue tooth microphone that is linked to a small speaker which can be mounted on a wall or to an electrical outlet.

Next, the idea would be to take several of these and set them up so that the mic is outside the house and the speaker is under the nearest windowsill.

When they are all switched on, I could hear all the sounds from outside at the windows of my house. If the volume was high enough. I could hear the sounds from all angles.

eleven twenty four

I should probably thank the hackers that trashed the last incarnation of taojones.net. It wasn’t planned, but it had to happen. To tell you the truth, this place was hooked up to the machines and that’s about it.

No promises on the frequency of updates, but since the old site is completely history, I may want to bring back some of my past favorites for your entertainment.

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