For some reason I always liked this song by Blind Melon. I was ensnared by the backup vocals of Jena Kraus who just did a lovely job. She added a sweet, delicate layer to Shannon’s harsher sound. Unfortunately, I don’t have my own Jena Kraus and so you have to settle for my falsetto providing a weak bit of cover for my regular singing voice

Now that you have been prepped, enjoy.

Mouthful of Cavities

Snow Day


It’s a snow day today. The birds don’t seem to be thrilled, but they are doing what they can to scrounge food during the icy downpour. A hummingbird is sitting on a snowberry bush and flashing me like a red streetlight.


The juncos are the most common feeder bird right now, but there are warblers and sparrows as well.


It’s really starting to come down.



Meet our Mexican street dog. On January 3rd, she was still in Los Barriles, Mexico. Today, she was walking in the cold air of our Pacific NW winter. Her home town is at the far south end of the Baja peninsula. We should try to visit there and see if she has any kin we could recognize.

My wife and I have speculated that she may have been rounded up in a sweep of feral dogs.


However she ended up here, we have been lucky to have her. This dog is very sweet. She’s actually snoring softly in her little crate at the foot of our bed right now.