Work Begins

I have to say, working from home does have its advantages. I tend to handle phone calls and business development during the day and push a lot of the work requiring lots of concentration into the evening hours. I end up working a lot, but I also have time to take care of a few things around the house while I am at it.

Work Begins by Tygh
Work Begins, a photo by Tygh on Flickr.

Sunny days can be very inspiring. I am currently in the process of rebuilding the front yard and replacing much of the foliage that is in place today. I have tried to find homes for the big Rhododendrons, but the first one weighed about 150 lbs with it’s root ball in tact and was too big to fit into my car’s trunk. It’s been out of the ground for about a day now and it is showing signs of stress. I feel like I should chop it into pieces before it breaks my heart. I am reminded of the movie “Into the Wild” where McCandless kills a moose… now what?

The other rhodie is still in place. It looks smaller and more manageable. I am hoping I can find a place to transfer it to so that it will be out of the ground for the shortest possible time.

My other patient is the Dogwood that I moved from its current location. It is too tall and lanky for where it was and so I am putting it on the corner of the house. It actually seems to be doing ok for now, but still less than happy. I have to test some underground pipes before I finalize where to put it.

In all, I am still excited about the project. My wife thinks we are going to need more plants and she may be right. We’ll have to see how it all looks once I get everything together.