Father’s Day Bullfrog

Bullfrog by Tygh
Bullfrog, a photo by Tygh on Flickr.

I was doing a little yard work today. I know, it’s Father’s Day and my orders were to relax and take it easy, but I wasn’t exactly slaving away.

Within a couple of minutes of starting work, I found the biggest frog I had ever seen. Some water accumulated in the tarp I was using and the frog apparently was attracted to the bugs in the dirt along with the water.

Even all scrunched up, the bullfrog was bigger than my fist. I caught him and put him in a bucket so that I could take his picture. Once we had that out of the way, I put him back and there he stayed until I tried to move the tarp back over the soil.

That move spooked him and away he hopped.

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